Friday, October 11, 2019

Keystone Meltmate® Hot Melt Gear System

Meltmate® Adhesive Dispenser Product Launch

Keystone® Industries, specializing in Hot Melts Parts and Systems, is proud to announce the launch of a new hot melt adhesive dispenser. If you’re looking for a great product at a reasonable price, you’ve come to the right place!

Product Features

The Meltmate® is a durable all-electric hot melt applicator system that is perfect for both packaging and product assembly. It contains a large reservoir to allow for more adhesive to support up to two applicators!

Product Benefits

Made with the user in mind and with the goal of reducing your business costs, the Meltmate® Adhesive Dispenser has many benefits that can help improve a manufacturing business’ bottom line, a few of those benefits are highlighted below.

Made with the User in Mind

  • Voltage options: The system is designed for either 120V or 240V to accommodate customer needs.
  • Large reservoir tank: Generously holds 14 pounds of adhesive, which outsizes comparable brands.
  • Lightweight design: The Meltmate®, having a lightweight design, gives the user flexibility in that it can be utilized for small handgun operations or medium automatic operations.
  • Two channel design: Designed with two channels for two hoses/applicators. The large reservoir tank also helps supply enough adhesive for two hoses.
  • Easy setup: The circuitry was also designed for user ease. After installation of hose(s) and applicators(s), turn on and program the tank and hose/head channels. Programming is simple and easy to follow.
  • USB port: The USB port allows for a data log download that lists recorded fault information and reflects changes to the programming.


  • Better return on investment: The glue system provides an option that is more economical compared to tape, cold glue, metal fasteners, and other more expensive packaging methods.
  • Increased operator efficiency: The larger tank allows for less time in operator refilling.
  • Less char build-up: The tank is coated with a non-stick surface.
  • No delay for line start-up: The applicator can be programmed to heat to a set point before a shift begins.
  • Consistent and productive workflow: The gear system pumps up to 64 pounds per hour and also provides a consistent flow for applications requiring a steady glue pattern.

Increased Longevity

  • Longer product life: The life of the glue system is extended by not heating continuously when not in use.
  • Reduces degradation of adhesive: Reduces degradation of adhesive by not continuously heating when not in use.

Reduce Energy Use

  • Reduce electricity usage: A programmable 24/7 clock can be set at lower temperatures or off during non-operational times.

Grow Your Business with Our New Products

Keystone Industries believes in empowering companies with options to grow their business on their terms, making your job easier, and providing convenient no-hassle online ordering. For more information on our products or a quote, call us today.

Angela Wagley
Keystone Industries, Inc.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Benefits of Working With a Small Company

Have you noticed that the OEMs just don’t have that personal service anymore?  Do you feel like a number when you call them?  There are benefits to working with a small organization.

We understand it is business, but work is where we spend most of our time and why not get to know the people you spend the most time with?  We like to have some fun with those we talk to and brighten their day.

Keystone is all about serving our customers, getting to know our customers and ultimately making the customer's workday a little easier.  Instead of feeding you our lead times, we believe it is about delivering products in your NeedTime.

You, the customer,  will enjoy the benefits of us helping you with solutions, with education, providing products with value, and delivering the products quickly.

We aren’t shy about asking about your day because we know you are a person, just like we are, trying to make a good life.

If we have not had the pleasure of doing business with you, we invite you to give us a try for parts that fit Nordson®, Slautterback®, ITW/Dynatec®, Valco/Melton®, HMT® and Graco® hot melt adhesive dispensing systems.

We offer free samples so you can try before you buy.

We are here to provide you a helping hand - visit our site and give us a call.

Angela Wagley
Keystone Industries, Inc.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Why is my pneumatic applicator not firing?

Whoa, Nellie…..don’t assume just one culprit.  There can be a gang of issues………….

This can be very frustrating if you are in the middle of a deadline on a packaging or assembly project and trucks are waiting to load.  First, be sure you are using all proper safety gear (safety glasses, long sleeves and high heat gloves).

Let’s start with the most common perpetrators, starting with the nozzle.
  • ·         Remove the nozzle and fire applicator without the nozzle.  If applicator fires, either clean (with appropriate probe) the nozzle or discard and replace with a new nozzle.  If the applicator does not fire, continue to the next step.

Check the inline filter.  This will either be in a fitting between the hose and applicator or inside the applicator.
  • ·         If the filter is full of debris, change the filter and fire the head.  If the issue continues, try the next step.

Check the module.  The module may be the most sensitive item to check because you either can test by adjusting the piston needle to a more “open” position (further away from the end of the seat) or you can to disassemble the module.
  • ·         Adjusting the piston needle will let you know if adhesive will flow at all.  Turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise a quarter turn and fire applicator.  If no result, turn screw another quarter turn.  At this point if you still have no flow, you can choose to purchase a rebuild kit or discard and replace with a new module.  If the module fires with a small adjustment, then the piston needle may have been adjusted down towards the seat too far, disabling adhesive flow.  Most of the time, the module seals and/or spring may be at end of life.  If you replace the module with a new module and the applicator is not firing, let’s go to the next step.

Check the air valve (solenoid) and plant air.  Is the air valve functioning properly and is your air clean?
  • ·         Check your air lines for moisture and any other contaminants and clean properly.  Filters can be added to help catch unwanted debris moving through the lines.  Placing air line filters closer to the melter is optimal.  If this is an issue, you will probably need to replace the air valve at the applicator after you have cleaned the air lines.  If this does not repair the applicator issue, try the next step. 
  • ·         If air lines check out clean, test the air valve that is mounted to your applicator by activating the trigger.  The trigger will be a photoeye or limit switch.  Listen/feel for a click that will let you know the air valve fired.  If you can’t hear/feel a click, detach the air valve from the gun, but leave the air supply connected.  Apply voltage – air should come out of the one port, or alternate between two ports on an air open/air closed setup as you apply and remove voltage to the solenoid.  If this is the culprit, replace the air valve.  If the air valve checks out, let’s keep moving to the next item.

Let’s eliminate an issue with the melter electronics.  For example, the melter may display a temp of 350°F, but actual temp may be lower, causing adhesive not to flow at the applicator.
  • ·         If you have an extra channel available, take your hose at the tank end that is attached to the troubled applicator, move the electrical connector to another channel.  Program that channel, if it is not already being used.  You can remove a hose from a used channel to perform this same test of elimination.  Allow the channel to come up to temperature and fire the applicator.  If the applicator fires, you probably have a bad channel on the board and should prepare to exchange the board.  (Keystone offers an exchange program).  If the issue continues, it is time to make a call to Keystone. 

Ask for technical support and we will do everything in our power to have you up and running in no time.

Keystone Industries, Inc.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Finally here…Replacement for Nordson® Mini Blue® II Modules

You requested, we listened & responded with a great product at a great price.
If you are looking for the following in a module, you have come to the right place:

Interchangeable to fit OEM heads
(replaces OEM 1095703)
Lower replacement cost over OEM
Accepts OEM precision nozzles & Keystone nozzles
Provides fast cycle times for high-speed applications
Increases productivity through 
extended life due to Novotritex™ seals

We give you options to buy high quality at a reasonable price.  Call us for a quote or use our website for convenient, no hassle online ordering.
At Keystone, we make your work life easier.
Keystone Industries, Inc.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Lack of flow with Nordson® Mini Blue® Applicators

There are several possible causes to little or no glue flow from your glue module.

Possible Reason
Nozzle is clogged
Replace nozzle or clean nozzle.  Use KNCK10 cleaning kit.
Adhesive has entered air section of module
Replace module.  Part No. 100K001A01.
Module failed due to end of life
Replace module.  Part No. 100K001A01.
Dirty/faulty pneumatic valve
Replace valve.  Part No. 100K101A01.
Faulty encoder
Test encoder and replace if defective.

Looking for technical help, please contact us.

Angela Wagley

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Which Glue Module do you need?

Modules, Modules, Modules….Which one is right for my application?

There are a variety of glue modules and for a good reason.  Different applications require different types of adhesive output, cutoff, speed, thickness, etc.

Most basic case packing uses the standard H200 style modules, whether it is a Surebead ® , ClassicBlue® or the older H200 standard style, this is where you would look first.  This is an area where savings can be great.  Don’t overspend on the Cadillac version module, when you could gain perfect results from the Kia version module. 

On your high speed applications, you are probably looking for an air open/air closed module for a quick cut off.  Keystone offers the KNH44C style and the new mini style module for those types of applications.  The mini style is a replacement for the Nordson® Mini Blue® II module, but will cost you a fraction of the price.  The fast acting Keystone mini provides long life and, at times, outlasts the OEM modules.

On your non-woven applications, you are probably looking for a swirl adhesive pattern.  The module is set up to provide air to the nozzle to create the swirl/spray pattern.  Our KNH2CS will provide that result.

Do you have large assembly products where there is a need for an excessive amount of adhesive output?  You may be looking for a module that has a large ball and seat that has a larger opening, allowing for higher amounts of glue flow.  Our KNH2X-LBS module is great for those types of applications.

We manufacture many more styles of modules.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for suggestions.  We are here to make your job easier.

Angela Wagley



Monday, March 25, 2019

Precision Nozzle Color Ring Cross Reference Chart

Struggling trying to cross over Nordson® Saturn® nozzles to Keystone precision nozzles?

We make is simple.
We make it easy on the budget.
We make it like you want it in your need time, not our lead time.

Make the switch today to superior quality parts and service.

Serviing the worldwide packaging industry with replacement parts for Nordson®, Slautterback®, ITW®, Valco®/Melton®, HMT® hot glue melters.

Angela Wagley


Thursday, March 21, 2019

Graco® Invisipac® Error Code T2D(Z)

If your Invisipac® is displaying an Error Code of T2D(Z)
there are 3 possible issues:
  • ·         Glue applicator RTD has failed
  • ·         Hose RTD has failed
  • ·         Melter RTD has failed
If the hose RTD has failed, the solution is to replace the hose.
If the glue applicator RTD has failed, the solution is to replace the cordset containing the RTD sensor.
If the melter RTD has failed, follow steps below to change RTD sensor.








Turn main power switch OFF.
Remove electrical enclosure door (332) 
and remove melter control connector from 
AMZ #1 daughter board.
Remove temperature sensor (RTD) leads 
from connector as shown.  
Use a 3/8 in. socket to remove four screws (336)
from melter shroud (331) and remove shroud.
Remove screw (RS) holding temperature 
sensor (RTD) and remove sensor from melter manifold.
Pull leads through grommet (13) in the 
side of electrical enclosure.
Replace new temperature sensor (RTD) 
and thread in holding screw (RS). 
Torque to 7-10 in-lb (0.7-1.0 N•m).
Insert sensor leads into side of electrical 
enclosure though grommet (13).
Tighten temperature sensor leads into connector.
Reconnect connector back into AMZ #1.


If you need assistance or need parts, please contact us.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Clearing Nordson®  ProBlue® F9 Fault

Normally, there is no need to monitor the operation of the auto-fill system.  But, if the fill system is unable to satisfty the level sensor in the time limit set for the Fill Time Delay (parameter 48), an F9 fault will display and the alarm will sound.

Follow the simple instructions below to reset and clear the fault:

  1. Melter fault light (red)
  2. Melter ready light (green)
  3. Refill alarm LED (red)
  4. Fill system enable key
  5. Clear/reset key
  6. Enter key
Note:  When the refill alarm output is activated, the melter heaters stay on and the melter ready remote output remains active.
  1. Press the Fill System Enable key (4) to disable the fill system and the alarm.
  2. Correct the fault condition.
  3. Press the Clear/Reset key (5).
  4. Press the Fill System Enable key (4) to enable the fill system.
Note:  It may take up to 30 seconds for the reset command to take effect.

If errors continue, please call us for free technical assistance.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Nordson® F1 Fault - Installing New Hose

You have just spent half an hour removing an old glue hose and installing a new glue hose, powered up your Nordson® ProBlue® melter and, BAM.....An F1 Fault Light. That bites! Fortunately, it is a quick and easy fix. 

The fault indicates there is a compromise in one of the electrical connections. In other words, one of the 2 connections is not fully plugged in.

 • Power off melter.
 • Check both electrical connections on both ends of the hose.
 • Turn power on for melter and you should be good to go. 

If you are still seeing the F1 Fault, call us for free technical support…..800-235-8090 or email at sales@keystoneparts.com

f you have an old worn out glue hose, please call us for a replacement. We can save you money over the OEM prices, provide shorter lead times, provide a warranty and 100% money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied. 

Angela Wagley

We believe in empowering companies with optionsto grow their business on their terms, not ours