Friday, May 6, 2016

Motivating Production Employees

There are many good ways to motivate production workers....first, it takes the right attitude and a safe, clean, well organized and well lighted environment. 
Money is the main incentive.  Make sure your production workers are adequately paid and have a chance to earn more. If each worker has a chance to move within the company to a better job that pays more money or they have ways to control what they make, that is incentive.
  • Piece work and performance based bonus' can provide the worker an opportunity to control their pay.  With piece work, you need a good quality control department to guarantee the speed of work is not compromising the quality.  If you already have great quality control, this may be a win-win for you and the employee.  Performance bonus' set the expectation and the worker knows the boundaries and how to achieve maximum pay.
  • It is important to make known to the employees that they are a valuable part of the team. Praise employees when it is due.  Employees appreciate being part of the team.
  • Make sure that anyone who supervises your production workers is fair, reasonable and understands the work that is being done. The manager needs to be able to coach the employees and help them to grow.  Few things make for worse morale than an unfair boss. and/or a supervisor who can't coach workers when they have a job-related problem.
  • Empower the employees as much as possible, by letting their ideas be heard.  After all, they are the ones working the assembly lines all day.  Maybe they have good ideas on how to improve efficiency.   
  • All of these items will go a long way in keeping staff happy and in tune with making quality products......a win for all involved.