Monday, January 25, 2016

Circuit Boards for Nordson, ITW Glue Melters

When a circuit board fails on your glue unit, you are in a pinch immediately. We repair circuit boards for Nordson, ITW and other glue melters. Many of the Nordson circuit boards are repaired and on our shelf ready for exchange.

The Benefit of Repairing Circuit Boards

The price you pay for a repaired circuit board is significantly less than buying new. Also, the lead time with the OEM for a new board can be beyond what is acceptable in having your packaging or assembly line running again. Downtime is costly and we understand. We can give you an alternative and have your line up and running right away.

Find Rebuilt Glue Melters at Keystone

We do not have all of the circuit boards listed online, so talk to a Keystone representative to find the specific circuit board you need. If you would like to purchase a rebuilt glue melter or discuss a complete glue melter rebuild, please let us know. We offer rebuild services and exchange services for your old core. Contact us online or call us at 800-235-8090 to discuss your rebuild today.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Leaky Glue Manifold on Nordson

Did you know that a leaky glue manifold on your Nordson glue melter can simply be a loose fitting? Maybe you have no fitting at all and need to add a fitting for better hose clearance and for prevention of unnecessary bends in hoses that result in shorter hose life from stress. (fittings come in straight, 45° and 90°)

Common Causes of Manifold Leaks

If your machine has any vibration or if you have drastic temperature changes in the plant, the fitting from the manifold to the hose can loosen over time causing a slow leak.

Use proper safety gear, turn off the pump pressure and use two wrenches (one to hold fitting and other to turn the nut) to check the tightness of the fitting. You can do the same on the other end of the fitting where the hose connects to the fitting.

Keystone Provides Replacement Manifolds at Competitive Prices

There are many Nordson fittings and we can provide most at a fraction of the price. Keep us in mind for hoses also. We make specialty hoses, hoses for all brands of hot melt units and lengths from 2 foot to 60 foot. Up to 50% less than the OEM - with same life expectancy as OEM.

If you are still having issues with a leak, please contact us. Our experts can help!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Glue Machine Parts Catalog - High Quality 1/2 the Price

Click Here for 2016 catalog

Keystone Industries has been manufacturing parts for hot adhesive dispensing equipment, such as Nordson®, Slautterback®, ITW®, Melton, Robatech® and HMT® since 1990.

We are the leader in aftermarket parts in regards to customer service, short lead times and high quality parts that perform, as well as, or better than the OEM parts.

Some of the items we manufacturer or can supply:

Heated hoses
Inline and tank filters
Rebuilt OEM glue melters
Viton Orings
Seal Kits
Rebuilt piston pumps
......and much more

Spend your money wisely with Keystone.  We are available at any time for technical questions.

Angela Wagley
Keystone Industries

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Glue Nozzle Clogs

How to Prevent a Glue Nozzle Clog

Do your applicator heads fire this clean?

If not, a little simple maintenance may be in order. There are several factors that can prevent a nozzle from having a clean flow:

  • Contaminants in the nozzle tip
  • Inline filter full of contaminants
  • No inline filter in use
  • Tank filter full of contaminants
  • Hose is old and has collected contaminants
  • Tank walls are burned with char

View the inside of the tank for cleanliness. If the tank is charred, many components will have a reduced life. For a quick simple cleaning, view our video and use Red Baron cleaner. The hoses/tank and inline filters/modules/nozzles should be changed after the full cleaning in order to begin with a clean slate.

Common Causes of Glue Nozzle Clogs

If your tank is clean, begin by checking the tank filter and inline filters. It may be a simple filter change that is needed.

If the filters are clean, check the module and nozzle. For cleaning nozzles, use Keystone's nozzle cleaning kit.

If you still experience extrusion issues, you may have a hose that needs replacing. Keystone winds all styles of hoses, from 2 foot in length up to 60 ft in length.

Keystone Can Help With Your Glue Nozzle Clog Issues

Still having issues? Give one of our expert technicians a call at 800-235-8090 or email us at sales@keystoneparts.com.

Also, check out our new 2016 catalog for other items you may need for your Nordson, Slautterback, ITW, Valco/Melton and/or HMT units. Save up to 50% over the OEM.

For more information about hot melters, contact one of our Keystone reps.