Thursday, December 15, 2016

Proper Glue Hose Installation for Nordson & Other Glue Melters

Proper Glue Hose Installation for Nordson & Other Glue Melters

Improper routing and installation of a glue hose can shorten the service life. With a few simple steps, you can maximize the life of the glue hose, keep employees safe and keep your production lines running.

Proper Hose Length

For areas where hoses will be installed in a straight line, the length must be longer than the distance from port to port. As the hose is heated, the diameter increases to contain the force of the glue and the length will decrease. Some hoses have decreased in length up to 2 inches.

In this case, if the hose is too short and there isn’t enough slack, the hose fitting connections will be under stress, causing a possible leak. Even worse, a catastrophic failure of the hose breaking loose from the fitting could occur causing pressurized hot adhesive to flow.

Proper Bend Radius

Adhesive hoses are somewhat flexible, but have bend radius limitations. The hose core, fitting crimps and electrical components can be stressed to the point of failure if the hose is bent beyond the maximum recommended bend radius. Call Keystone (800-235-8090) for your hose’s specific recommended maximum bend radius.

Regarding the fitting crimps and bending near the fitting, the suggestion is to keep the hose straight for twice the hose outside diameter. If the hose OD is ½”, keep the hose “straight” beyond the metal fitting for a minimum of one inch. If this is not possible, consider using 90 degree or 45 degree elbow fittings with insulator jackets to accomplish the angle needed without stressing the hose.

Avoiding Hose Twist

Metal hose cores in a glue hose have mechanical strain limits with regards to twisting. Tighten fittings using two wrenches or “double wrenching”; one to hold the fitting from twisting and the other to tighten the hose connection. To further prevent twisting, limit bending motion of the hose to a single dimensional “plane” when routing. A hose bending only left to right, only up and down or only forward and backward is moving in a single plane. Any combination of left/right, forward/backward, and up/down movement represents 2 planes of motion and all three represent 3 planes of movement. A compound bend can occur with multiple planes of motion and this can cause the hose to twist, since the hose ends are fixed and held tight. Try to limit routing to a single plane, but, if your application requires hose movement to cross multiple planes, ask a Keystone rep for a recommendation.

Abrasion and Attachments

Another cause of premature hose failure is abrasion of the outside hose cover, exposing insulation, wiring and possibly the hose core. Live wires being exposed is a safety issue and should be avoided at all cost. Use proper hose hangers and keep moving hoses from rubbing against other surfaces. Clamps, zip ties and any other restrictive attachments should not be used on hoses since they can press on the wiring and cause hot spots. These hot spots will cause untimely hose failures and could burn through the metal hose core causing an unsafe catastrophic failure.

Contact Keystone for All Your Installation Needs

By following these simple suggestions, you can maximize the service life of your glue hoses. Call or email (sales@keystoneparts.com) Keystone with any questions or requests for recommendations.

Keystone manufactures hoses for Nordson®, Slautterback®, ITW®, HMT®, Graco®, Valco/Melton®, Klebtec® and other hot glue melters for a fraction of the cost of the OEMs. Warranty provided is equal to OEMs.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Deer Hunting Spots

Where will you be on Thanksgiving - at your best hunting spot?  In the quiet, trying to outsmart the elusive whitetail deer?

Where is the best shot location to drop a deer instantly?  Best case is to prevent deer from running and scaring other deer, keep stress from toughening the meat, decrease suffer time, decrease harvest time.....so how do you do that?

It is all about the brain......click here for details.

Have a great hunt and Thanksgiving!!


Monday, November 7, 2016

Free Adhesive Calculator - Save Money

Free Adhesive Calculator

Cut Your Adhesive Costs in Half

Are you searching for ways to cut cost on your adhesive?

You may be able to go from a solid bead of glue to a stitch pattern and still have enough bite to pass the tear strength testing.

In order to learn more about the cost savings, click here for a free adhesive calculator.

Some people cut their glue spend in half!

Let us know if you need help with other cost savings, such as glue nozzles, modules, glue hoses, applicators, filters, etc.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Nordson Pump Will Not Hold Pressure

Why Won't My Nordstrom Pump Hold Pressure?

Is your Nordsom Pump shifting too much? Is the pump losing pressure?

You may have contaminants in the bottom check ball. Erratic shifting can be a symptom. Before you spend big money and buy a new pump, check this area first. You could save yourself a lot of money in downtime and not need to buy a pump.

See No. 18 & 19 below:

Keystone is Here to Help You

If you are continuing to experience issues, please contact us. We can provide free telephone technical assistance and pump rebuild services. Call us today at (800)235-8090.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Motivating Production Employees

Motivating Production Employees

How to Motivate Production Employees

There are many good ways to motivate production workers. First, it takes the right attitude and a safe, clean, well organized and well lighted environment.

Motivating Employees with Money

Money is the main incentive. Make sure your production workers are adequately paid and have a chance to earn more. If each worker has a chance to move within the company to a better job that pays more money or they have ways to control what they make, that is incentive.

Piece work and performance based bonus' can provide the worker an opportunity to control their pay. With piece work, you need a good quality control department to guarantee the speed of work is not compromising the quality. If you already have great quality control, this may be a win-win for you and the employee. Performance bonus' set the expectation and the worker knows the boundaries and how to achieve maximum pay.

Making Employees Feel Valuable

It is important to make known to the employees that they are a valuable part of the team. Praise employees when it is due. Employees appreciate being part of the team.

Choosing Fair & Reponsible Supervisors

Make sure that anyone who supervises your production workers is fair, reasonable and understands the work that is being done. The manager needs to be able to coach the employees and help them to grow. Few things make for worse morale than an unfair boss. and/or a supervisor who can't coach workers when they have a job-related problem.

Empower Employees

Empower the employees as much as possible, by letting their ideas be heard. After all, they are the ones working the assembly lines all day. Maybe they have good ideas on how to improve efficiency.

All of these items will go a long way in keeping staff happy and in tune with making quality products, which is a win for all involved.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Safety using Hot Melt

Hot Melt Adhesive Safety Tips | Keystone Industries

Hot Melt Adhesive Safety Tips

Have you ever had molten adhesive on your skin? If you have, "Hot, do not touch" is an understatement to you.

This first thing we want to do it wipe if off. Resist that urge because you will just spread the molten glue to more skin! Immediately cover affected area in clean cool water. Seek medical attention for removal of glue to avoid deep skin removal.

Preparing to Work on Hot Melting Equipment

Before working on any hot melting equipment, such as Nordson, Valco/Melton, ITW, Slautterback or even a small simple glue handgun, be prepared.

Make sure to power down the equipment and give the equipment time to cool. If you need to remove parts, use safety gloves and the proper wrenches.

Since glue machines are under pressure, be sure to turn off the pump pressure before removing any parts to avoid a burst of adhesive.

If you are purging a glue tank, please click here for a step by step video. For more information about hot melt adhesive safety tips, talk to a Keystone representative or call us at (800)235-8090

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What Every Packaging Employee Should Know about Washdown

What Every Packaging Employee Should Know About Washdown | Keystone Industries

When it comes to overseeing hot melt machines and their operators in a packaging environment, one of the most common problems we see is failure of parts due to improper washdown procedure. Anyone in the packaging industry knows that the cost of hot melt parts can add up significantly over time.

Inexperienced machine operators, lack of education by supervisors, and improper part selection can all contribute to premature part failure, which can substantially add to the cost of keeping your production lines running. At Keystone Industries, we want to help you keep your hot melt machines running as efficiently and affordably as possible, so we took it upon ourselves to cover the most common topics surrounding washdown, and also talk about what the future holds for hot melt washdown.

The Importance of Washdown in the Packaging Industry

Many packaging and manufacturing facilities (especially in the food/beverage and pharmaceutical spaces) are required to wash down their machines regularly. This is to prevent bacteria and other harmful matter from contaminating the products that will be consumed by the end user. Washdown is also important for environments that experience large volumes of dust or small particles of packaging debris to ensure they do not interfere with proper function of the hot melt machine and equipment.

Common Problems Involving Washdown

Problem 1: User Error & Lack of Education

When it comes to electrical shortages from washdown, most problems are the result of one of two contributors: improper procedure by the operator, or an inadequate part. Most of the time, it is the former – inexperienced machine operators may not know which parts are resistant to water and which are not. Of course, there is the possibility that the operator may be properly educated, but may just be careless in their personal washdown routine. While some user error is inevitable in many washdown environments, proper education is the best way to combat this problem.

As a supervisor or manager of your production environment, it is extremely important to thoroughly walk through the washdown process with each new employee. Ask them to repeat important points back to you, and quickly quiz them on the procedure after you run through it so you can be sure that they were paying adequate attention and retained the information. If you notice parts fail that you suspect are related to improper washdown, observe the employee during their next washdown to be sure they are following proper procedure. A few quick moments of education and observation of procedure can mean significant savings on failed parts.

Problem 2: Lack of Washdown Hot Melt Parts

Aside from user error and education, the other main contributor to part failure is simply the part itself being inadequate. For environments where thorough washdown is required, using standard parts simply won’t cut it. Standard hot melt parts are typically very prone to electrical shorting when they come in contact with any amount of water, rendering washdown very difficult, if not impossible using these parts.

Choosing a washdown hose or applicator head can help avoid part failure due to electrical shortages. These hoses often feature a rubber sleeve or coating and a water resistant electrical connection that helps keep the electrical components of the part from getting wet. The glue heads have a silicone gasket protecting the inside electronic connections and a matching water-resistant electrical connector. This is a great way to protect your hot melt parts from peripheral droplets or spray that may be created during the washdown process. These parts may be slightly more expensive than a standard part, but the cost savings you’ll experience due to the longer part life is well worth the additional investment.

The Limitations of Washdown Parts

Washdown hot melt parts are a huge step in the right direction for those looking to avoid electrical failure of parts in a washdown environment. At the same time, it is very important to keep in mind that these parts have their limitations. Because washdown parts simply protect the electrical components, the components themselves are just as susceptible to electrical shortages as standard parts if those components come into contact with water.

In short, a washdown part is more water resistant than a standard part, but this does not make the part fully submersible in water. Any attempts to soak, dip, or submerge the part in water will likely result in electrical damage to the part, so your washdown procedures should strive to avoid including any of these methods. If you use parts manufactured by Keystone Industries and want to know if a certain technique is safe for the parts, feel free to ask us!

Your Source for Hot Melt Washdown Parts

Even if you follow washdown best practices and don’t experience electrical shortages of your parts regularly, you can still experience huge savings by choosing hot melt replacement parts from Keystone Industries. Our parts cost up to 70% less than OEM parts, and our friendly customer service is here to help with any questions you may have. But don’t take it from us! Read our testimonials to see what some of our current customers have to say, then browse our site for Nordson®-compatible parts at a great price! Contact a Keystone representative or call us at (800)235-8090 to find your hot melt adhesive solution today!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fault Log on Nordson ProBlue Melters

How to Find the Fault Log on Nordson ProBlue Melters

Did you know that your Nordson ProBlue glue melter records faults? The melter stores the last 10 faults. Do you have several production shifts running and all the faults seem to occur during the shift you are not available?

This could be your answer to finding out the root cause or at least identifying if faults are actually occurring.

Instructions for Retrieving Nordson ProBlue Fault Log

  1. Press and hold the Setup key. Automatic scan stops and operating parameter 1 appears in left display.
  2. Scroll left display to parameter 2 (fault log). Right display indicates last fault that occurred as follows; if last fault was a F1, F2 or F3, then the LED on the affected component key displays yellow. If last fault was a F4, then LEDs on all component keys turn off. The right display indicated the log entry for the last fault to occur.
  3. Press the right display scroll key to review each of the remaining nine logged entries. Each time the scroll key is pressed, the next older entry will display. The log displays most recent fault first.
  4. When finished reviewing log, press the Setup key to return to the automatic scan mode.

For information regarding each fault, refer to the complete manual.

Replace Faulty Parts with Keystone

If fault indicates faulty parts, please contact us to order parts. If you are still having issues with identifying a resolution to the fault, please call us at (800)235-8090 for free technical assistance.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Is Cell Phone Usage in the Workplace a Safety Liability?

Does your facility run like a fine oiled machine or are there daily challenges with staff, product quality, timely shipments, customer dissatisfaction, etc.?

What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing can bring peace with employees, keep budgets on track, keep customers happy and just reduce stress in managing.

How to Incorporate Lean Manufacturing

How do you get there? It's not easy. You will encounter a lot of pushback. But the payoff is well worth it. Need some clarification on some of the tools used? Check out this resource on lean tools and concepts.

Lean Manufacturing and Cell Phone Usage

The big challenge today is electronic devices, especially cell phones, in the workplace by those who do not need them for their job.

Some facilities are able to ban cell phones completely. For those who cannot, the challenge can be exhausting. How does your facility handle cell phone abuse by employees? It becomes a safety liability. Contact us to talk about lean manufacturing and your facility.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nordson ProBlue Manifold Heater

Did your Nordson ProBlue unit stop heating? It could be the heater. The heater (KNS0045 for 240V and KNS0046 for 480V) is cast in a protective block and the complete assembly can easily be changed with 2 bolts and thermal grease.

The Importance of Thermal Grease

It is very important to apply the thermal grease on the entire surface of the heater manifold. Spotty application can result in failure of the heater.

Talk to Us About Your Heating Issues

If this does not resolve the heating issue, you could have a faulty RTD sensor, faulty over temp thermostat or faulty circuit board. Let us know if you need help troubleshooting.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Circuit Boards for Nordson, ITW Glue Melters

When a circuit board fails on your glue unit, you are in a pinch immediately. We repair circuit boards for Nordson, ITW and other glue melters. Many of the Nordson circuit boards are repaired and on our shelf ready for exchange.

The Benefit of Repairing Circuit Boards

The price you pay for a repaired circuit board is significantly less than buying new. Also, the lead time with the OEM for a new board can be beyond what is acceptable in having your packaging or assembly line running again. Downtime is costly and we understand. We can give you an alternative and have your line up and running right away.

Find Rebuilt Glue Melters at Keystone

We do not have all of the circuit boards listed online, so talk to a Keystone representative to find the specific circuit board you need. If you would like to purchase a rebuilt glue melter or discuss a complete glue melter rebuild, please let us know. We offer rebuild services and exchange services for your old core. Contact us online or call us at 800-235-8090 to discuss your rebuild today.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Leaky Glue Manifold on Nordson

Did you know that a leaky glue manifold on your Nordson glue melter can simply be a loose fitting? Maybe you have no fitting at all and need to add a fitting for better hose clearance and for prevention of unnecessary bends in hoses that result in shorter hose life from stress. (fittings come in straight, 45° and 90°)

Common Causes of Manifold Leaks

If your machine has any vibration or if you have drastic temperature changes in the plant, the fitting from the manifold to the hose can loosen over time causing a slow leak.

Use proper safety gear, turn off the pump pressure and use two wrenches (one to hold fitting and other to turn the nut) to check the tightness of the fitting. You can do the same on the other end of the fitting where the hose connects to the fitting.

Keystone Provides Replacement Manifolds at Competitive Prices

There are many Nordson fittings and we can provide most at a fraction of the price. Keep us in mind for hoses also. We make specialty hoses, hoses for all brands of hot melt units and lengths from 2 foot to 60 foot. Up to 50% less than the OEM - with same life expectancy as OEM.

If you are still having issues with a leak, please contact us. Our experts can help!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Glue Machine Parts Catalog - High Quality 1/2 the Price

Click Here for 2016 catalog

Keystone Industries has been manufacturing parts for hot adhesive dispensing equipment, such as Nordson®, Slautterback®, ITW®, Melton, Robatech® and HMT® since 1990.

We are the leader in aftermarket parts in regards to customer service, short lead times and high quality parts that perform, as well as, or better than the OEM parts.

Some of the items we manufacturer or can supply:

Heated hoses
Inline and tank filters
Rebuilt OEM glue melters
Viton Orings
Seal Kits
Rebuilt piston pumps
......and much more

Spend your money wisely with Keystone.  We are available at any time for technical questions.

Angela Wagley
Keystone Industries

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Glue Nozzle Clogs

How to Prevent a Glue Nozzle Clog

Do your applicator heads fire this clean?

If not, a little simple maintenance may be in order. There are several factors that can prevent a nozzle from having a clean flow:

  • Contaminants in the nozzle tip
  • Inline filter full of contaminants
  • No inline filter in use
  • Tank filter full of contaminants
  • Hose is old and has collected contaminants
  • Tank walls are burned with char

View the inside of the tank for cleanliness. If the tank is charred, many components will have a reduced life. For a quick simple cleaning, view our video and use Red Baron cleaner. The hoses/tank and inline filters/modules/nozzles should be changed after the full cleaning in order to begin with a clean slate.

Common Causes of Glue Nozzle Clogs

If your tank is clean, begin by checking the tank filter and inline filters. It may be a simple filter change that is needed.

If the filters are clean, check the module and nozzle. For cleaning nozzles, use Keystone's nozzle cleaning kit.

If you still experience extrusion issues, you may have a hose that needs replacing. Keystone winds all styles of hoses, from 2 foot in length up to 60 ft in length.

Keystone Can Help With Your Glue Nozzle Clog Issues

Still having issues? Give one of our expert technicians a call at 800-235-8090 or email us at sales@keystoneparts.com.

Also, check out our new 2016 catalog for other items you may need for your Nordson, Slautterback, ITW, Valco/Melton and/or HMT units. Save up to 50% over the OEM.

For more information about hot melters, contact one of our Keystone reps.