Friday, November 13, 2015

Nordson ProBlue Rebuilds

Cut Costs With a Nordson ProBlue Rebuild

Looking for an alternative for purchasing a new Nordson glue melter? Have you considered having your unit rebuilt or exchanging your unit for a rebuilt unit?

Not only can you save money with rebuilding, but also, you can expense the rebuild instead of having to wait for approval for a capital purchase.

Our Selection of Rebuilds

We have many units in stock from Nordson Model IV/V, Nordson 2300, Nordson 3000 series, Nordson Durablue and Nordson ProBlue. We also rebuild ITW and Slautterback melters.

Contact Keystone for Your Rebuild Needs

If you are having technical issues with your Nordson ProBlue, please check out the manual for troubleshooting.

We do provide a warranty on the units. Call us at 800-235-8090 for a quote on your rebuild or contact us online.

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