Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Should you replace your old Nordson Melter with a New Melter?

With budgets tight and not much capital available, companies are looking for alternatives to buying new.  

Sometimes the decision is simple to keep the old and repair or rebuild, but who do you trust to perform good quality work?  

A good analogy for comparison is an old car that seems to run okay, but with a minimal amount of money, you can make the old car run well and last many more years with no monthly car payment.

Same with packaging line equipment, such as the Nordson melters.

Write down the pros and cons in order to make your decision.


1 year warranty on complete unit
6 month warranty on unit w/exception of circuitry

New technology

Have stock replacement parts

No new training needed

Do not use Capital Funds

No modifications for install

New technology

Old technology

Obsolete parts (Keystone supplies OEM obsolete parts)

Cost of stocking new replacement parts
30 day warranty on circuitry

Learning new technology & training personnel

Possible modifications for installation due to different footprint/size of unit

Uses Capital Funds

We are a trusted source for your Nordson rebuild needs.  We have over 65 years combined experience on Nordson equipment.  
We can ship a rebuilt unit to you for exchange of your old unit (models must be the same) or,
rebuild your melter.

Let us know if you have questions or need a quote.

Angela Wagley

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