Thursday, June 27, 2013

Prevent Char Buildup in your Nordson Melter

Are you having frequent issues with char clogging your glue nozzles?

Some root causes are:

  • set temperature is too high on glue tank
  • glue tank is not kept full consistently
  • mixing adhesives together
  • too much run time without flushing/cleaning tank
  • old hoses
  • old applicator heads
  • old nozzles
  • contaminants in dry glue storage
  • glue tank lid not closed
  • contaminants in the air (sugar, flour, starches, box dust, etc.)
  • glue tank is left on when not in use
There are easy steps you can take to reduce the amount of time you have char issues:

  • Compare the recommended set temperature for your glue tank with the adhesive specs
  • Keep the glue tank topped off as often as possible
  • Always purge and flush a glue tank before beginning use of a new adhesive
  • Add flushing the glue tank to a preventive maintenance plan
  • Replace old hoses and applicator heads
  • Replace old nozzles
  • Keep dry adhesive in a container that is covered at all times
  • Keep glue tank lid closed at all times
  • program setback for when glue tank is not in use
For SIMPLE instructions on flushing your glue tank, click here.

For additional questions, sales@keystoneparts.com or call me 800-235-8090.

Angela Wagley

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lean Manufacturing for the Nordson Glue Melters

Are you looking for ways to become more efficient and save money in time?

There are some easy steps to take regarding the glue melters on the packaging lines.

Post a laminated parts list at the glue melter containing:

  • The name of the Packaging Line.
  • The Glue Melter Model and Part No.
  • How many hoses and the lengths of each hose
  • How many applicator heads and their part numbers
  • Which nozzle tips fit on which applicator heads
  • The solenoid valve part numbers
  • Which angle inline filter fittings correlate with which heads
  • What mesh size is used in the inline filter fittings
  • Part number of the tank/manifold filter
  • Part numbers of the RTDs or thermostats and Cartridge Heaters used in the applicator heads.
  • If you have a pattern controller, the make and model number.
  • Recommended stock.
  • Person's Name to contact at the plant.
  • Emergency phone number/email address of the parts vendor (that would be us, hopefully)
All of this information will save time when a line operator, mechanic or maintenance personnel go to the parts clerk or buyer to order parts.  There is no confusion in ordering the correct parts or time in having to investigate a parts manual.

Keystone Industries offers a service of walking the lines and documenting this information for you.  If you would like more information, please contact me at angelaw@keystoneparts.com or call 800-235-8090.

Angela Wagley

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

DIY - Simple to follow instructions for Flushing a Nordson Glue Melter

An easy way to extend the life of your Nordson Glue Melters is to flush and clean regularly.  Follow these simple instructions for flushing and cleaning your glue melters.  Click here for YouTube instructions.

Visit www.keystoneparts.com to purchase cleaning products and replacement parts needed after cleaning.

Have questions?  Please email me at angelaw@keystoneparts.com or call 800-235-8090.

Angela Wagley

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Instructions for Cleaning Nordson Glue Melter

July is typically the most convenient time for manufacturing plants to shut down for cleaning.
Below is detailed instructions on how to flush and clean a Nordson Glue unit.

Always Wear appropriate protective gear:
Safety Glasses
Heat resistant long gloves (covers forearms)
Tools Needed:                                                               Parts Needed:
3/16” Allen Wrench                                                         Red Baron Tank Cleaner
Open end wrenches:                                                      Tank Filter Kit
11/6”                                                                                 Inline Filter
1/2"                                                                                   O-Lube
Phillips Head Screwdriver
5 Gallon Metal bucket
1 Gallon Metal bucket
Lint free cloths
Non metal scrapers for high heat

Step 1
Using 3/16” Allen wrench, turn the air pressure off to the pump.
Step 2
At programming area, turn off channels to all applicator heads.
Step 3
Disconnect the electrical connector of hose from applicator head. Using an 11/16” wrench, disconnect hose fitting from the hydraulic connector of applicator head.
Step 4
Place end of hose into the 5 gallon metal bucket.
Step 5
Turn pump pressure on and pump all adhesive out of glue tank into bucket.
Step 6
Turn pump pressure off.
Step 7
With non metal scraper preferably with a sharp edge, clean out large pieces of debris in tank and dispose of into 5 gallon bucket.
Step 8
Pour Red Baron Cleaner into tank until tank is full.
Step 9
Turn pump pressure on and pump until Red Baron starts to dispense into bucket.
Step 10
Turn pump pressure off.
Step 11
Carefully move open end of hose to glue tank for recirculation.
Step 12
Secure hose, close lid over hose and turn pump pressure on.
Step 13
Let system pump and recirculate cleaner for 15 minutes.
Step 14
While system is recirculating, change inline filter at applicator head.
Step 15
If new style fitting, use 1/2” wrench to unscrew filter cartridge and drop cartridge in small metal bucket.
If old style fitting, use 2 wrenches to unscrew the fitting (7/8” on fitting body & 3/4” on nut), remove the filter from inside fitting and drop in small metal bucket.
Place new filter into the fitting and tighten the fitting ends together.
Step 16
Use Red Baron Cleaner on lint free cloth to wipe down outside panels until debris is removed.
Step 17
Turn pump pressure off on melter.
Step 18
Carefully remove open end of hose to the 5 gallon metal bucket.
Step 19
Turn pump pressure on.
Step 20
Pump all Red Baron cleaner from tank into bucket.
Step 21
Turn pump pressure off.
Step 22
With non metal scraper, remove any remaining char on sides and bottom of tank.
Step 23
Refill with Red Baron cleaner.
Step 24
Carefully move open end of hose to the glue tank, secure hose and close lid.
Step 25
Turn pump pressure on.
Step 26
Heat to operating temperature and pump through hose recirculating back into tank for 15 to 20 minutes.
Step 27
Turn pump pressure off. **Depending on tank condition, repeat Steps 22-26.
Step 28
Carefully remove open end of hose to the 5 gallon metal bucket.
Step 29
Turn pump pressure on and pump all Red Baron cleaner from tank into bucket.
Step 30
Turn pump pressure off.
Step 31
Using Phillips head screwdriver, open pump access panel.
Step 32
With 5/8” wrench, remove the tank filter and drop into metal bucket. Replace with new filter and new orings. Do not over tighten.
Step 33
Fill tank with adhesive.
Step 34
Once tank reaches operating temperature, turn pump pressure on and pump remaining Red Baron cleaner from hose until a clean stream of adhesive pumps into bucket.
Step 35
Turn pump pressure off.
Step 36
Reconnect hose to applicator head fitting and reconnect hose electrical connector to applicator electrical connector.
Step 37
After applicator head reaches operating temperature, double check tightness of hydraulic fitting and inline filter cartridge and tank filter.
Step 38
Return pump pressure to operating pressure setting.
**If tank still has char after second flush, repeat steps 22 – 26.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Varieties of H202 (Dual outlet) Glue Applicators for Nordson Melters

Dual Outlet Glue Applicators for Nordson

H202T LP- CA Style

There are many varieties of the dual outlet glue applicators for Nordson melters.
LP - Low Profile
Std - Standard (rectangular block)
CA - Common air (both modules fire at the same time)
IA - Independent air (2 air lines so modules fire independent of each other)
WD - Washdown for wet environments
RTD - Heaters controlled with RTD
Thermostat - Heaters controlled with fixed thermostat
Spacing - all types - we make to your specifications.  Standard spacing is .88 and 2.31.
Module options are:

Prices start at $650.  All new and Made in the USA.

Angela Wagley

Friday, June 14, 2013

Adapter seat for Nordson H20 Module

Are you currently using a Nordson H20 Style Glue Applicator and would like to be able to use a 90° nozzle?

The KNAD2X2C adapter can provide that capability.  This adapter will allow you to install any H200 style  nozzle, including the 90° as shown below.

Using this inexpensive alternative will prevent changing out the complete applicator head to the H200 style, which is quite costly.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

T & Y Bars for Nordson H20 Glue Applicators

Especially in the Corrugated Packaging arena, many glue applicators use the nozzle bars for glue applications.  

Keystone can assist in saving you money by providing rebuilt nozzle bars.  We can rebuild yours or provide a rebuilt one for the exchange of your old one.

Call for pricing on your specific L, T or Y bar dimensions.  We also manufacture the nozzles for the Nordson and Slautterback nozzle bars.

Angela Wagley

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Change Heater in Nordson Applicator Head

To Save Money - Change your Heater in your Nordson Applicator
Stock inexpensive heaters instead of the applicator heads

Is your Nordson Glue Applicator Head not heating?  If you find out your heater has stopped working, the change out is easy.

Don't spend hundreds of dollars on a new applicator head. DIY - Click here for instructions on changing a heater.

Keystone carries all varieties of heaters - different lengths, diameters, 120V and 240V.

If you do not see the heater you need on our website, give us a call at 800-235-8090.

Angela Wagley

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Old Style Nozzles for Nordson H20 Applicators

Nordson has made many parts of their melters and parts obsolete.  

One of those parts specifically is the H20 style modules (153011). 
We manufacture the H20 Style module, applicator heads and glue nozzles.

There is nothing wrong with the performance of these older versions of applicator heads and nozzles.  Nordson developed newer versions and would like you to replace your old melters with these new expensive melters so than can enjoy a return on their investment.  

Since we assemble those parts, you have a choice to continue using the older versions and still keep your downtime to a minimum.

We assemble the modules, applicator heads and a variety of nozzles to fit these H20 Style modules.

Don't let the OEM force you to buy the newest melter with all new parts.  You have the option of keeping your old melter and still stocking the old style parts that we assemble.
We also rebuild the old melters and give a warranty.

Have questions or need more info?  Please call us at 800-235-8090 or email us.

Keystone is here to save you money and keep your lines running.

Angela Wagley
Keystone Industries

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Exchange or have your old Nordson Melter rebuilt to save money


Rebuilt Nordson® Melter
Nordson® Model Number
Keystone Starting Base Price

Model V – 2 hose capable
Model IV – 4 hose capable
Uses thermostats for controlling heaters.

2300 Series
2302 – 2 hose capable
2304 – 4 hose capable
2305 – 5 hose capable
RTD Controlled

3000 Series – RTD Controlled
Tank sizes vary from 12 lb to 90 lb.  Can be 240V or 480V.
Come with piston pump or gear pump.
May have Vista Circuit Boards or Analog Circuitry


ProBlue & DuraBlue-RTD Controlled

ProBlue – Piston Pump
240V or 480V
2 – 6 hose capable

DuraBlue – Gear Pump
240V or 480V
2 – 6 hose capable



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Should you replace your old Nordson Melter with a New Melter?

With budgets tight and not much capital available, companies are looking for alternatives to buying new.  

Sometimes the decision is simple to keep the old and repair or rebuild, but who do you trust to perform good quality work?  

A good analogy for comparison is an old car that seems to run okay, but with a minimal amount of money, you can make the old car run well and last many more years with no monthly car payment.

Same with packaging line equipment, such as the Nordson melters.

Write down the pros and cons in order to make your decision.


1 year warranty on complete unit
6 month warranty on unit w/exception of circuitry

New technology

Have stock replacement parts

No new training needed

Do not use Capital Funds

No modifications for install

New technology

Old technology

Obsolete parts (Keystone supplies OEM obsolete parts)

Cost of stocking new replacement parts
30 day warranty on circuitry

Learning new technology & training personnel

Possible modifications for installation due to different footprint/size of unit

Uses Capital Funds

We are a trusted source for your Nordson rebuild needs.  We have over 65 years combined experience on Nordson equipment.  
We can ship a rebuilt unit to you for exchange of your old unit (models must be the same) or,
rebuild your melter.

Let us know if you have questions or need a quote.

Angela Wagley

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Troubleshoot Adhesive Issues with Nordson Melter


Possible Reasons Possible Solution
Charring or Gelling Set Temperature is too high Lower set tank temperature
of Adhesive in Melter Overheating of tank walls Keep tank full of adhesive
Faulty heating control Check controls & replace if necessary
Oxidation of adhesive Keep tank full of adhesive.
Incompatible adhesives Change adhesive - flush with Red Baron 
Cleaner before using new glue.
One side of Substrate Temperature of adhesive too low. Increase temperature
Popping open after Too little adhesive applied Increase pressure or nozzle size.
Compression Clogged nozzles Clean clogged nozzles w/cleaning kit or replace
Both sides of Substrate Temperature of adhesive too high Decrease temperature
Popping open after Insufficient compression Increase compression time/force
Compression Too much adhesive Decrease application rate
Substrate shifting during compression Correct mechanics
Clogged nozzles Clean clogged nozzles w/cleaning kit or replace
Adhesive is Smoking Temperature of adhesive too high Decrease set temperature
Excessive exposure to air Keep tank lid closed at all times
Reduced or no Clogged nozzle Clean clogged nozzle w/cleaning kit or replace
Adhesive Flow Clogged inline and/or tank filter Replace filters
Temperature or pressure too low Adjust one or both
Adhesive Stringing Nozzle too far from substrate Move nozzle closer
Low pressure Increase pressure
Temperature of adhesive too low Increase set temperature
Poor machine timing or alignment Adjust timing or alignment
Adhesive has exceeded tank life Flush w/Red Baron cleaner & add new adhesive
Adhesive with Bubbles Moisture in substrate is evaporating Dry stock or lower application temperature
Air leaking into pump Replace seals and/or pump.
Cavitation of pump Increase supply of molten adhesive
May require a premelter
Poor Adhesion Temperature too low Increase set temperature
Inadequate adhesive Increase pressure or nozzle size
Difficult or coated substrate Consider selecting an alternative adhesive
Splashing at Substrate Temperature of adhesive too high Decrease set temperature
Air pressure too high Decrease air pressure
Incorrect nozzle position Change angle of nozzle
This Guide was developed to suggest possible causes and solutions to various problems that might occur with Hot Melt products.  Because this Guide was not designed to offer advice on your specific melter and specific application, refer to the equipment instruction manual before attempting any suggested solution above.

For free technical assistance call 800-235-8090.

Visit us at www.keystoneparts.com