Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Washdown hoses for Nordson Standard Melters and Aquaguard® Melters

Aquaguard® Melters have been made obsolete by Nordson.  The hoses for these melters are also obsolete.  

If your packaging lines are in a wet environment where machines are washed down, you may want to consider changing from the standard hoses to a wash down style to prolong the life of the hoses.

Keystone Industries supplies the hoses for AquaGuard® melters and assembles the wash down style hoses for the 2300, 3000, ProBlue and DuraBlue Melters.

Nordson part nos. for Aquaguard® Hoses:

Nordson 155003 - 2 ft
Nordson 155004 - 4 ft
Nordson 155005 - 6 ft
Nordson 155006 - 8 ft
Nordson 155007 - 10 ft
Nordson 155008 - 16 ft
Nordson 155009 - 24 ft

Standard wash down hoses fit on the Nordson 2300, 3000, ProBlue and DuraBlue melters.  These are made with a durable rubber sheathing to provide a water resistant barrier over the hose electrical components.  The round electrical connectors also seal to provide a water resistant barrier to the electrical components on both the melter and gun ends of the hose.

Nordson part nos. for Standard Wash Down hoses:

Nordson 276739 - 2 ft
Nordson 276740 - 4 ft
Nordson 276741 - 6 ft
Nordson 276742 - 8 ft
Nordson 276743 - 10 ft
Nordson 143300 - 12 ft
Nordson 276744 - 16 ft
Nordson 223837 - 20 ft
Nordson 276745 - 24 ft

Let me know if you need help changing over to a wash down style hose.
Angela Wagley

AquaGuard® is a registered name for Nordson Corporation.  Keystone Industries is not affiliated with Nordson Corporation or any of its subsidiaries.

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