Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter - We are Closed Tomorrow

Hope everyone has some great quality family time this weekend.  Create lots of good memories.
Have a safe Easter and we will see you again on Monday!

Manual Glue Applicators for Nordson for reseals

Tired of spending all the money on glue sticks and hassling with stick glue guns?

There is an alternative.

You can save money by using your bulk hot melt and installing a durable handgun and hose to your existing Nordson glue melter.

The ergonomic Keystone handgun has a 4 finger trigger and is the lightest weight on the market. 

You can even use your existing hoses.  We make all varieties of handguns to order.

Glue Handguns start at $495.00/each.

Have a wonderful and safe Easter - We will be CLOSED on Good Friday.

Angela Wagley

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DIY - Clean Nordson Glue Melter

DIY – Purging/Cleaning Industrial Glue Melters 

Wear appropriate protective gear:
Safety Glasses
Heat resistant long gloves (covers forearms)
Tools Needed:                                                                 
Screwdrivers – phillips & flathead
Open end wrenches                                                      
Metal Brush
5 Gallon Metal bucket
1 Gallon Metal bucket
Lint free cloths
Non metal scrapers for high heat

Parts Needed:

The following instructions are for cleaning a glue melter while unit is running at operating temperatures.
Step 1
Turn the pressure off to the pump.
Step 2
Disconnect the electrical connector of hose from applicator head.  Disconnect hose from the hydraulic connector of applicator head.
Step 3
Place end of hose into the 5 gallon metal bucket.
Step 4
Turn pump pressure on and pump all adhesive out of glue tank.
Step 5
Turn pump pressure off.
Step 6
With non metal scraper, clean out large pieces of debris in tank and dispose of into 5 gallon bucket.
Step 7
Pour Red Baron Cleaner into tank until tank if full.
Step 8
Carefully move open end of hose to glue tank for recirculation. 
Step 9
Close lid over hose and turn pump pressure on.
Step 10
Let system pump and recirculate cleaner for 15 minutes.
Step 11
While system is recirculating, change inline filter at applicator head.
Step 12
If new style fitting, use wrench to unscrew filter cartridge and drop cartridge in small metal bucket.  If old style fitting, use 2 wrenches to unscrew the fitting and remove the filter from inside fitting and drop in small metal bucket.  Replace with new filter and retighten.
Step 13
With torch heat any large pieces of adhesive on outside panels of melter and use non metal scraper to remove.  Use Red Baron Cleaner on lint free cloth to wipe down outside panels until debris is removed.
Step 14
Turn pump pressure off on melter.
Step 15
Carefully remove open end of hose to the 5 gallon metal bucket.
Step 16
Turn pump pressure on.
Step 17
Pump all Red Baron cleaner from tank into bucket.
Step 18
Turn pump pressure off.
Step 19
With non metal scraper, remove any remaining char on sides and bottom of tank.
Step 20
Refill with Red Baron cleaner.
Step 21
Carefully move open end of hose to the glue tank and close lid.
Step 22
Turn pump pressure on.
Step 23
Heat to operating temperature and pump through hose recirculating back into tank.
Step 24
Turn pump pressure off.
Step 25
With wrench, remove the tank filter and drop into metal bucket.  Replace with new filter and new orings.  Do not over tighten.
Step 26
Carefully remove open end of hose to the 5 gallon metal bucket.
Step 27
Turn pump pressure on and pump all Red Baron cleaner from tank into bucket.
Step 28
Turn pump pressure off and fill tank with adhesive.
Step 29
Once tank is reaches operating temperature, turn pump pressure on and pump remaining Red Baron cleaner from hose until a clean stream of adhesive pumps into bucket.
Step 30
Turn pump pressure off.
Step 31
Reconnect hose to applicator head fitting and reconnect hose electrical connector to applicator electrical connector.
Step 32
After applicator head reaches operating temperature, double check tightness of hydraulic fitting and inline filter cartridge.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Over Temp Thermostat for Nordson ProBlue/DuraBlue Melters

The overtemp tank thermostat will protect your glue tank from over heating in the event that the heater decides to run away.  This can be caused by a faulty heater or faulty RTD sensor.  

If your Nordson unit will not power on, check the continuity between the leads of your over temp thermostat.  You may need to replace the tank over temp thermostat.

This is a 500 degree open on rise over temp thermostat that sells for $50.00/each. 
We recommend you keep one of these on the shelf for backup.

Have other issues with your melter, please call us for free technical assistance.

Angela Wagley

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pump Rebuild Kits for Nordson ProBlue Melters

Looking to reduce spending by rebuilding existing parts and equipment?
One option you have is to rebuild your Nordson ProBlue glue pumps.
The rebuild kit will cost you $65.00.
If you buy a new Nordson pump, you are looking at spending approximately $2500.

Another option, if you do not have the staff for the time to rebuild, is to send your pump to us and we will rebuild.  Our rebuild cost for the ProBlue pump is $995.00.

Let us know if we can help you save in this arena.

Angela Wagley

Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY - Change Inline Filter on Nordson ProBlue Melter

DIY – Changing Inline Filters on Industrial Glue Melters

Wear appropriate protective gear:
Safety Glasses
Heat resistant gloves

Tools Needed:
Small bucket
Old Style

New Style

The following instructions are changing an inline filter while melter is running at operating temperatures.
The inline filter fitting is located between the heated hose and the glue applicator head.
Step 1
Turn the pressure off to the pump.
Step 2
For the New Style as shown above, use wrench to slowly loosen the filter cartridge on top.  Place hot filter cartridge in bucket.  Place new filter cartridge in fitting and tighten.
Step 2
For the Old Style as shown above, use 2 wrenches to slowly loosen the filter fitting.  Take hot filter out of fitting and place in bucket.  Place new filter into the fitting and tighten the fitting ends together.
Step 3
Turn pump pressure on and verify there are no leaks at the cartridge or either end of fitting.

Tank Filter for Nordson Glue Melters

Tank Filter for Nordson ProBlue Units

Before you remove your used and charred tank filter from your Nordson glue melter, verify that you have, not only the filter screen, but also the orings.  

Once you remove the tank filter, the possibility is great that the orings will be split or be damaged to the point of not being reuseable to provide a seal if filter is reinstalled.

There are filter kits available that include the appropriate orings or you can purchase just the orings if you already have extra filter screens.

Don't get yourself in a bad situation to where you have a line down because you are missing an oring that cost less than $1!!!

Let me know if you need help.



Friday, March 15, 2013

Glue Nozzle Cleaning Kit & Nordson ProBlue Rebuild Kit

Extend the life of your Nordson, Slautterback, Melton, ITW, HMT glue nozzles by cleaning them.
The nozzle cleaning kit (KNCK10) is ideal for cleaning contaminants from the nozzle orifice.

The kit comes with a Pin Vise to hold the probes and 3 packages (of 10) of probes of the size of your choosing.

For backup for emergencies, keep a rebuild kit in stock for your Nordson ProBlue piston pump.  If you are looking to prevent downtime, this is an expensive option.  The part number is KNPU4710PB.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

2013 Daytona Bike Week Live Webcam

Check out the Bikes at Daytona Bike Week on this live Webcam.
Weather looks great - doesn't look so crowded either.

Let me know if you have some good riding stories from this week.

Be safe.


Heater Manifold for Nordson ProBlue Tank

Has your Nordson ProBlue Melter stopped heating properly?

With the ProBlue units, you must replace the heater manifold.  You cannot replace just the cartridge heaters because they are cast into the manifold.

The KNS0045 is $110 and will bolt directly to the Nordson ProBlue tank.  We have the 240V in stock.  We will have the 480V coming soon.



Monday, March 11, 2013

Problem with Nordson ProBlue Pump?

Maybe it is not the pump at all.  There is a Pressure Discharge Valve on the Nordson pump that can fail and cause the pump to stroke improperly. 

Don't spend the big dollars on repairing or replacing the pump until you have verified that the Pressure Discharge Valve is working properly.  The Valve is $225.00 vs. over $2000 for a new pump or $995 for a rebuilt pump.

If this is not the issue, please call us at 800-235-8090.  We will assist you in troubleshooting for free.

Angela Wagley

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Clogged Nordson Glue Nozzle?

Char plugs nozzles
Filters catch char

Do you have a glue nozzle on your Nordson applicator head that continually clogs?

You may need to change your inline filter between the heated hose and applicator head.

Make sure you are using the proper size filter mesh size versus the orifice size of your nozzles.

For nozzles with .008 - .012 diameter orifices, you should be using a 200 mesh inline filter to catch the smallest of contaminants.

For nozzles with .014 - .024 diameter orifices, you should be using a 100 mesh inline filter.

For nozzles with .024 and larger orifices, use the 200 mesh so you have less restriction.

If you change your filters and are still having clogging issues, you may need to purge your glue system.

Click instructions to learn more.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 Daytona Bike Week

Are you packed and ready to go to warm, sunny Florida?
Hop on you iron horse and feel the wind in your face.

March 8 thru March 17 is the beginning of riding season!  
Kick it off with a trip to Daytona Bike Week!

Looks like you are in store for 70's and 80's for your daytime highs.  What could be better?
Harley-Davidson will be offering Demo rides everyday.  

Send me some of your best riding stories from previous bike weeks and pics of your scooters.

Be safe and have fun!



Monday, March 4, 2013

Pressure Discharge Valve for Nordson ProBlue Pumps

Pressure Discharge Valve for Nordson ProBlue Pumps

The ProBlue Nordson Melter manifolds are equipped with a pressure discharge valve.
When the pump is switched off at the control panel, air is removed from the top of the valve forcing it to open. When the valve opens, pressurized material within the pump and manifold bypasses through the pressure discharge valve and is returned to the tank.

Symptom for replacement:

If adhesive is returning to tank through the return port located behind the tank screen