Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Save on Capital - Have Your Nordson Melter Rebuilt

Looking for a way to avoid purchasing a new glue melter?
The answer is as simple as to have the melter rebuilt.  Or, if you are unable to schedule downtime, we can send a like melter to you to change out and you return yours as an exchange.

Either way, this will save you thousands of dollars and will not affect your capital budget.
We warranty the rebuilt units and they work and look like new.

Prices start at $2495.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Issue with Glue Tails on Nordson Applicator?

Are you having issues with glue showing on your consumer cartons or labels?
You could quite possibly be using the wrong kind of module on your Nordson glue applicator.  
There are different modules for different applications.

Some modules will provide a more precise cut off and eliminate your glue tail issues.
The cavity in a nozzle can create the glue tail.  There are a variety of modules, some of which have a smaller or reduced cavity for glue to sit and drip.

Please let us know if you need help determining which module is right for your application.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Modules for Nordson Glue Melters

Looking for an inexpensive alternative compared to Nordson's high prices?  We manufacturer all varieties of modules that fit the Nordson glue applicator heads.  We also warranty the modules.  Our modules bolt up the same way as the Nordson modules and are a quarter of the price.  Whether is is a standard, Reduced Cavity, Blue Series, Zero Cavity, Right Angle, Spray......we have it.  

Russian Meteorites - Injures 100s

What a site!  Meteorite shower in Russia.  
Let's hope that is all of them.  I also heard this morning that an Asteriod will be coming very close to the Earth today.
Keep your eye in the sky and cameras on!  Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nordson Aquaguard Hoses - Obsolete by Nordson

The heated glue hoses for the Aquaguard melters have been made obsolete by Nordson.  We manufacture those hoses in all lengths and can supply you.  We also can supply the pattern controller, solenoids, modules, complete applicator heads, inline filter fittings and filters, and nozzle tips.  Let us know if you have a need.  If you are not looking to purchase a new melter and would like to prolong the life of your current Aquaguard, let us know.