Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nordson ProBlue Pump Pressure Discharge Valve

Do you have a Nordson ProBlue unit where you have replaced the pump due to pump inconsistency issues and are still having problems?

The root cause could be the pressure discharge valve for the pump.  These wear out quite frequently and cause the pump to pump inconsistently.

Before you spend the big bucks to replace the pump, try replacing this valve.  We supply these valves for $225 and can help guide you with the simply install.

Angela Wagley

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Preventive Maintenance is key to saving money on downtime

Would you drive your vehicle for 50,000 miles and not change the oil?
Do you drive your truck without checking tire pressures?
Maybe you like to ignore the engine light on your car, thinking it will go away......

Of course you wouldn't do these things.....

Same with your glue melters.  When you maintain the Nordson, Slautterback, ITW, & Melton glue melters, they last longer and there is a reduction in costly downtime.

It is so simple to change the tank and inline filters frequently - add them to the parent machines' preventive maintenance program.

Purge the glue tank to rid the system of contaminants that will clog different areas of the glue melter.  It does not take much time and the results mean less emergencies, better performance and extended life of the melter.

Have questions or need to know which parts you need for purging?  Give us a call at 800-235-8090 or email us at sales@keystoneparts.com.

Monday, December 2, 2013


On December 2, 2013, Keystone is having a Cyber Monday Sale.  25% off all Nozzles In stock.
Please visit our website at www.keystoneparts.com - Use Coupon Code CM25NOZ to receive your discount.

Keystone manufactures all varieties of glue nozzles for Nordson, Slautterback, HMT, Valco/Melton, ITW and Pearson systems.  Our list prices are already 30%-50% less than the OEM's, so taking an additional 25% can provide you great savings!

Angela Wagley

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! Cyber Monday Nozzle Sale

On December 2, 2013, Keystone is having a Cyber Monday Sale.  25% off all Nozzles in stock.
Please visit our website at www.keystoneparts.com - Use Coupon Code CM25NOZ to receive your discount.

Keystone manufactures all varieties of glue nozzles for Nordson, Slautterback, HMT, Valco/Melton, ITW and Pearson systems.  Our list prices are already 30%-50% less than the OEM's, so taking an additional 25% can provide you great savings!

We sincerely wish everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

Angela Wagley

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Troubleshooting Nordson ProBlue Melters

Is your packaging line constantly down due to the Nordson glue melter continually showing faults?

This Troubleshooting Guide may be of great help to you in troubleshooting the issue or even resetting your melter to the factory settings so you have a fresh start.

If you still are unable to come to a valid conclusion to resolve the issue(s), please call us for free technical help.  A service call from Nordson can be quite expensive and many times we are able to solve the issue quickly over the phone.

If you are able to find the issue and need parts, please visit our website www.keystoneparts.com.

Angela Wagley

Monday, November 25, 2013

Nordson Circuit Boards

Did you call Nordson and find out that your Nordson circuit board is OBSOLETE?

Don't feel forced to buy a new complete glue melter at some outrageous price!!!!  There is an alternative.

Keystone Industries can exchange your old circuit board for a rebuilt one.  OR, we can rebuild your old circuit board.  We also repair Slautterback boards too!

Extend the life of the older Nordson glue melters and don't be put in a position of having to spend BIG money.  There are plenty of other places you may need to spend your budget.

If you have old circuit boards lying around, consider sending those in to Keystone for rebuild so you have stock on the shelf to prevent downtime.

Keystone manufactures and supplies many more of the parts made obsolete by Nordson. Keystone is here to keep the customer's lines running without spending the big bucks.

Call us or email for a quote.

We look forward to working with you.

Angela Wagley

Friday, November 22, 2013

Nordson Circuit Board Blown?

What to do??? What to do???

Your Nordson glue melter is completely down.  The boxes are backed up and the trucks are waiting outside.

The Director of Operations is breathing down your neck, screaming "We CANNOT afford another minute of downtime!"

Keystone to the rescue!!!  We can exchange your old burnt board for a rebuilt one.  Need it overnight - just say the word.

Prepare for the future and prevent the situation of downtime.  We can repair your old circuit boards - DON'T THROW THEM AWAY!!!  If you don't need your old boards, we may buy them.

Please try us!  We are here to make your downtime decrease.

Angela Wagley

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Modules for Nordson, ITW Quattro/Dynapack, and Melton Glue Melters

Verify you are using the proper modules on your glue applicator heads.  Many packaging facilities I have visited have the incorrect modules for the specific application.  

For example, I have seen zero cavity modules being used on trayformers, which is not needed and very costly.  You can end up wasting money by using a module that is made for other types of applications.

We manufacture the many types of different modules:  standard (276119) AO/SC and standard AO/AC, rebuilt EasyOn style (1048115), reduced cavity (replaces sure bead style), zero cavity, spray/swirl, ModPlus and others.

If you are unsure which module best fits your application needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are the experts and can guide you.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank a veteran today for your freedom

How important is your daily Freedom?

Freedom sometimes is taken for granted.  Americans are used to going about their daily business because that is how we live.  We feel comfortable and safe.  We don't have to worry when we go to the grocery store, go mall shopping, go to the post office, go to work, go on vacation within this great country, visit the great outdoors, go fishing, go to sports events and many more.

These are benefits we enjoy because of our great veterans.  If not for these heroes,  we would be like many other countries where living in your own home is dangerous, not to mention leaving your home to do your daily work and errands.  And even vacationing is dangerous.

Make sure if you see a soldier today, you thank them.  They are our heroes   They put their lives at risk and some give their lives so we can be free to live feeling safe and comfortable.

God Bless our Veterans and God Bless America!

Afghan War Facts/Casualties

Angela Wagley

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Repair Your Nordson Glue Guns and Save Money

Do you have a Nordson glue gun that has stopped heating? Instead of replacing the complete applicator head, repair by replacing the heater and the RTD Sensor.  Heaters generally run under $60, depending on which applicator head you use and the RTDs run under $50/each.  Much less expensive than buying a new complete applicator head.

Please call us if you need help determining which specific heater and/or RTD sensor you need.

Angela Wagley

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pet Halloween Costume Pictures


Send us your best pet's Halloween dress up pictures and we will give you free freight on your next UPS-Ground order for parts for Nordson, Keystone, Slautterback, ITW, HMT, Melton and Robatech melters.

Domestic US orders only.  Pictures must be sent 10/31/13 to use free freight.

Angela Wagley


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Clean glue nozzles for Nordson, ITW, HMT, Slautterback, Melton

An inexpensive and easy way to fix clogged glue nozzles is with a $65 nozzle cleaning kit.  The kit comes with 30 probes and a pin vise to make probing easy.

Soak your used, dirty, clogged nozzles in Red Baron solution.  Be sure to heat the solution.  A small size crockpot works well.  

Probe the nozzles to clean out contaminants and char and reuse your nozzles.  Since using torches damages your nozzles, instead, try using the cleaning kit and continue to have good performance from your nozzles.

Need help - call 800-235-8090 or email sales@keystoneparts.com.

Angela Wagley

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Clean Nordson Glue Melter

Does this look familiar?  If so, cleaning this bad boy is probably the least of your worries....I bet you have all sorts of clogging issues throughout the melter causing tons of downtime.

It is time for a little elbow grease and char busting red baron tank cleaner!

Don't let it get to this stage.  Work in periodic flushing of your glue melters into your preventive maintenance program to extend the life of the equipment and to reduce downtime in changing the accessory parts.

Need more info, please call 800-235-8090 or email sales@keystoneparts.com.

Angela Wagley

Monday, October 28, 2013

Nordson Char Issues

The four letter dirty word in the glue melter industry....CHAR.   
  • Are you continually clogging nozzles on your Nordson melter?  
  • Does your glue pump not pump consistently?

Maybe it is time for a system flush to clean all the char and contaminants from your melter.

Red Baron melter flush can handle the job and is safe in a food processing environment.

Click here to follow simple instructions for purging your Nordson melter.  This is very inexpensive maintenance that will extend the life of your glue melter.

Need further help ..... call us 800-235-8090 or email sales@keystoneparts.com.

Angela Wagley

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Zero Cavity Modules for Precise Cut Off on Nordson Heads

With some glue applications, a very precise glue cutoff is required.  A good example is gluing lipstick into the lipstick case.  There is no margin of error for glue tails or stringing.  

The needle in the zero cavity module seats at the end of the glue seat hole, eliminating any cavity for the glue to remain and drip or string.

Some OEMs will install Zero Cavity modules on trayformers.  This can be quite expensive and not needed for a trayformer.

Verify you have the proper module for your specific application since there is quite a difference in price between the different varieties.

Standard Module - $99
Reduced Cavity Module - $150
Zero Cavity Module - $425.00

If you need assistance with choosing the proper module type, please let me know and I will be glad to assist.

Angela Wagley

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reduced Cavity Modules for Glue Applications

Reduced cavity modules provide a more precise cut off for special applications.  A perfect example would be a small food packaging carton such as the well known Jell-O cartons.  A carton that contains small flaps and little margin for error.  

If you are experiencing glue trails that can be seen by the consumer, you may need to consider using reduced cavity modules to reduce the possibility of these issues.

These modules will bolt directly onto Nordson standard applicator heads that have the flat mounting area.  These fit Keystone's applicator heads, ITW Quattro and Dynapack applicators and Valco/Melton applicators.

These modules have nozzle seat sizes of .012, .016 and .020.

Let me know if you have questions concerning the size you need.

Angela Wagley

Monday, October 21, 2013

Glue Modules for High Speed Applications

Do you have a packaging application that is high speed?  

Do you need a glue applicator that will have a fast open and close time?

Keystone manufactures modules that are air open/air closed for high speed applications.  Air closed is much faster than the standard spring closed actuation.

These mount on a different block than standard modules to allow for the air flow.
We manufacture the applicator blocks in many different varieties depending on your needs.

The modules are $145/each.  The complete applicator heads, including module start at $935.00.

Modules will fit on Nordson applicator heads.  Module is a replacement module for Nordson 328664 module.

Have technical questions or need more info?  Call or email.

Angela Wagley

Friday, October 18, 2013

Nordson 3000 Series Manuals

Nordson has obsoleted most parts for the 3000 Series melters.  They have also deleted the manuals from their website.  If you need parts' manuals for the 3000 Series melters, click here.

After you find your part numbers, email, call or visit our website for these types of parts.  We manufacture and stock most of the 3000 Series' parts.

Don't be forced into replacing your old melter for a new expensive version when you may still have years of life left in your old melter.  We plan to carry parts for a long time.  We still manufacture and stock parts for the older Nordson Model IV and V units too!

Angela Wagley

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Refurbished Nordson Melters on the Shelf

Looking to save money on either exchanging your Nordson melter for a refurbished Nordson (same model) or looking to buy a refurbished melter outright?

Currently, Keystone has the following models on the shelf and ready to ship:

Nordson Model V
Nordson Model 115
Nordson 3890
Nordson DuraBlue 10
Nordson ProBlue 10
Nordson 3402
Nordson 3502
Nordson 3504
Nordson 3704
Nordson 3706
Keystone KP2502
Slautterback AT25

Starting at $2495, depending on the unit and if an exchange will be returned.
A warranty is included on all refurbished melters.

Call us today for your melter needs and an exact quote.
Angela Wagley

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Piston Pumps for Nordson 3000 Units

Looking for someone who is dependable to rebuild your old Nordson 3000 pumps?

Keystone rebuilds the old and the newest of the Nordson piston pumps, both 14:1 and 21:1.

Prices start at $899.00 base.  Pumps include a warranty.

Want to sell your old pumps?  Keystone will buy old used Nordson pumps.

Please contact us via email or telephone for a quote on buying or selling.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Obsolete Parts for Nordson Glue Melters

Parts for Obsolete Nordsons SOLD HERE!!!!

Are you having a difficult time locating parts for your older model Nordson glue melter?

We manufacture and stock parts for the Model IV/V, 2300 Series and 3000 Series Nordson melters.

From circuilt boards to hoses, pumps, filters, applicator heads and nozzles, we can keep your melter running where you are not forced into purchasing a new model.

Don't have a part number?  Call us.....we will assist you in figuring out which part you need.

Angela Wagley

Friday, October 11, 2013

Glue Applicator for HMT Glue Melter

Looking for an alternative for fast delivery on glue handguns and hoses for the HMT melters?  

Our Versashot handguns and glue hoses are durable and reliable.  We provide quick delivery times and warranties on both parts. 

Nozzles for the glue guns come in short and extended and are offered in various sizes for your specific needs.

Weekend plans?  Football?  Fall Festivals?
Where does your team rank this week?

Have a safe and happy weekend!!

Angela Wagley

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Glue Gun for Resealing Missed Packages

A Solution for missed seals on Packaging Lines

Are you looking for a simple solution for those cases and cartons that slip past the adhesive stream without being glued?

Install a handgun and hose to your automated glue melter.  This doesn't require expensive glue sticks as with the stick glue guns, plus these handguns are very durable and safe.  

The Keystone Versashot® handgun will replace Nordson®, Slautterback®, Melton®, HMT® and ITW® handguns, but is lighter weight than any of these other OEMs' handguns.

  • Trigger is an easy grip four-fingered style and safety lock can be switched when gun is not in use.
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce the physical effects of repeated usage for the employee. 
  • Made of heavy industrial material for longer life.
  • Rebuildable.
Unsure of which handgun and hose you need?  Please call me and I will help.

Friday, September 27, 2013

New Pump for Nordson 3000 Series Melters

If your Nordson 3100, 3400, 3500 or 3700 14:1 pump is hobbling along, we can supply a new pump for you for $1495.00, saving you around $700 over the OEM price.

And, after you install the new pump, we can rebuild your old Nordson pump for as little as $899.00.

A warranty comes with the new and rebuilt pumps.   We test all of our pumps with fluid and air so you can be up and running in no time.

Fall is in the air - hope you have some fun plans for this weekend.

Don't forget college football.

And, ladies, don't forget the game day recipe dips!!

Have a great weekend - see you next week!

Angela Wagley

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nozzles to replace Nordson Saturn Style

Keystone Industries continues to manufacturer high quality, low cost glue nozzles for Nordson applicator heads.  These nozzles will replace the Nordson Saturn style nozzles.  The look of the Keystone nozzle is different, but the internal workings are the same and will provide the same performance you require.

Pencil nozzles are $15/each.
Single 90° nozzles are $19/each

We ship nozzles same day as orders are received.

Let us know if we can assist.

Angela Wagley

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Precision Machined Nozzles for Nordson, Slautterback, Melton, Pearson & ITW Melters

Are you continually having issues with nozzles firing at an awkward angle?  Maybe you bought a "cheap" nozzle trying to save money.  Not all aftermarket glue parts manufacturers are equal.

Keystone Industries, the largest US aftermarket hot melt parts manufacturer, machines precision stainless steel inserts for the glue nozzle bodies.  This guarantees a consistently straight orifice which will ensure you have a straight glue shot on your substrate.

Keystone also machines a variety of engagements of inserts for your particular needs. Different lengths of engagements will provide different velocity of adhesive extrusion.  
Not sure which you need?  Call us and we can help.

Cheapest does not always save you money.  We have very competitive prices and are much less than the OEM's.  We manufacture parts either exactly like the OEM's or so close you will have a challenge seeing the difference in performance.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mesh Sizes for Inline Filter for Nordson style applicators

What mesh size works best with your nozzles?  Doesn't sound that important, but it is.  You could be experiencing frequent nozzle clogs due to the incorrect inline filter mesh size.

Recommended mesh sizes versus nozzles sizes:

200 Mesh (tightest and most restrictive)
Use with nozzle sizes:


100 Mesh
Use with nozzle sizes:


50 Mesh (least restrictive)
Use with nozzle sizes:


24 Mesh (very open - works well with butyl adhesives)

.040 and above

Let us know if you need help.  
Angela Wagley