Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas to All!

Thanks you to all our customers who have helped us stay successful this year.
We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you in the coming year.
I hope you have joyful and safe holidays and feel much happiness!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2 More Days till the end of the Mayan Calendar

What does that really mean?

I found information about the facts behind the Mayan calendar at the History Channel website.
I think the end of the world as we have known it has ended many times over.

Think about how things were so incredibly different 100 years ago.
It is mind boggling when you think about it.

There have been so many inventions, especially in communications.  I sometimes think we are less informed.  Before, you didn't have to interpret emotions through reading text and emails - it was real when done face to face.  Families are less together with all the technology - they go more there own ways and are absorbed and entrenched in these electronic devices.  It is really a little sad how we have lost some of that human interaction with each other.  Seems a bit cold.  

Maybe we will have some sort of episode where these devices are disengaged by some sort of sun flare - maybe everyone loses power for weeks - can you imagine?  How would the US operate?  We are very dependent on power and electronics.

So, you couldn't crank your car to go to work and can't call anyone.  If you can walk or ride a bike to work, what will you do when you get there?  Can't call anyone and all your files and work are on the computer that doesn't work.  Truckers can't crank there trucks unless they have an old truck with no electronics - if trucks can't move, restaurants and grocery stores get no deliveries.  All cash registers will be down - banks will be down.  It goes on and on.

We would be totally dependent on what we currently have in our households and resources close by our homes.
Are you prepared for such an event?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Preventive Maintenance on Nordson Glue Melters

Are the last couple of weeks in December a time where your packaging lines are slow or even shut down?  Take this opportunity to clean your glue melters.  

To extend the life of your glue applicator heads and nozzles,  change your inline and tank filters frequently.  Flush or purge your glue tank to rid the system of char and contaminants that can cause issues with your pump, hoses and applicator heads.

A PM schedule posted at each glue melter will keep the mechanics on track.  They are usually fighting fires so cleaning a glue melter may seem like low priority.  If you post a schedule for them to start the habit of monthly maintenance, you will see the savings down the road from decreased downtime, decrease in the purchase of the expensive items and extended life of the melter unit.

God Bless those families hurting in Newtown, CT

It is times like these that brings out the best in people.....the worst of the worst of times.
My feelings for these families of these small children bring back painful memories of my own loss.  Mine was not from violence, but from sickness and there is a big difference.

But, I do understand some of what they are going through.  Today, many of these families are picking out a casket and coffin for their precious child.  They are picking out the color of the inside of the casket, picking out clothes that their child will wear for the last time, picking out things they want to go in the casket, picking out a plot of land where their child's body will lie for eternity......they are going through these painful motions, in a fog, wondering why, remembering what their last words were to their child, remembering the good in their child, crying and holding their child's siblings, looking in that empty, silent bedroom where they will never tuck their child in again, looking at the empty chair at the dinner table, seeing the bicycle that will not be ridden again, seeing the booster seat in the car that will not be used for them again.........the memories are in everything they see and do.

Hold these families close in your prayers and hearts.  Their pain is enormous.  Burying your child is unnatural.....children are supposed to bury parents.  My 1st born daughter lived for a day  - that will be 26 years ago this December 29.  My arms literally ached for weeks yearning to hold her again.  She did not die in vain, though.  She saved many babies after her - she is the main reason pregnant women are tested for Beta Strep now as a mandatory test.  My hope is that all these children lives will not be lost in vain.  I hope for something good to come from this.

I also feel for the family of the shooter.   My second daughter has been diagnosed by the army with anti-social behavioral disorder.  I feared for my life when she was a teenager.   I would lock my bedroom door at night.  She would go into rages where all I could see where her pupils and no iris in her eyes - it was demonic.  Did I seek the proper care?  I'm sorry to say that I didn't for fear they would just give her medications or she would get with someone who would make it worse.  Plus, I didn't have my husband's support - she only showed her demonic side when he wasn't around.  Fortunately, she didn't hurt anyone physically....she has hurt many emotionally and at 25 years of age is an outcast from the family.  My mother, father and I are the only ones that interact with her.  I pray for her and let her know I love her - it is all I can do at this stage.

See, she is very intelligent and calculated...scored 131 on the IQ test at age 8.  I don't know the correlation, but it seems this disorder goes hand and hand with extreme intelligence.  In no way am I saying that everyone who is extremely intelligent has psychological issues.  My daughter's symptoms included manipulation, paranoia, no remorse, short relationships, lying, stealing and being an introvert.   She would not go out and play on the weekends with neighborhood children, instead she would stay in her room all weekend reading.  I do hope this blog will encourage those parents who have troubled children to seek help for them.

I feel for the families on both sides of this tragic event. 
I believe all these families need our support and prayers.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Elementary School Shooting

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the lost and injured from the Connecticut school shooting.

The world has become so unsettled.  I talk to people about the subject and the consensus is always the same......"something has got to give at some point."

Hug your loved ones today and everyday....tell them you love them...you never know when they may not be here.  Life is precious.


Going Hunting this weekend or enjoying the outdoors?

Wow - Click on this great website for avid hunters.  Very informative - www.gothunts.com
Great Blog too with lots of pictures of hunters' prized catches.

Do you have some good pictures of your prized catches?  Send them my way.  
I would enjoy you sharing with me.

Another great place to visit for your hunting needs (maybe a nice Christmas present) is www.huntersessentials.com

I believe it is essential that hunting be kept alive in our society.  

So many people these days do not understand the importance of teaching our children about survival techniques and independence.  Hunting for our food is such a fundamental part of life and should be passed down to our children to encourage independence.

What are your thoughts?


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Best Christmas Gifts for Him and Her

Are you one of those who dreads Christmas because of the task of figuring out what is the best gift for your loved ones?

I have some suggestions.  

For Her, visit www.redenvelope.com.  If you want to add a little extra punch to the gift you choose, add a Christmas card with your handwritten thoughts about how important she is in your life.  Ladies love the personal touch.

For Him, visit www.sharperimage.com.  This is a great place to find off the wall type gifts that are cool and useful at the same time.  This is also a good place to find gifts for men who have about everything already.  Don't get the boring tie or another jacket, surprise him with something fun that he will want to share with his friends.

Time is running out to order online and have the items shipped on time.  Keep the anxiety down for the holidays and do your shopping now.

Also, don't forget our troops overseas for the holidays - being so far away from their families in a place where there is unrest can be quite sad and lonesome for them. 

At www.woundedwarriorproject.org/ you can give a little and help our soldiers in a big way.

Have fun and Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rebuilding Nordson Melters and Pumps


Is management telling you that there is no budget left for capital purchases?

Is your glue melter on it's last leg?

There is an inexpensive alternative.  Have your old glue melter rebuilt.  We can offer a trade so your line can stay running.  We send a rebuilt (same model) melter to you and you return your old one as an exchange.

Some base pricing is as follows:

  • Model IV - $2595
  • Model V - $2495 
  • 2300 - $2495
  • 3400 - $3299
  • 3500 - $3475
  • 3700 - $4175
  • 3890 - $7000
  • ProBlue 7 - $2799
  • ProBlue 10 - $3200
  • DuraBlue starting at $1500
We provide a 6 month/2000 hour warranty (whichever occurs first).  Why buy new when you can pay half and extend the life of your current Nordson melter by years?

Rebuilt Nordson Pumps start at $699.  Same warranty applies to them as the rebuild melters.

We also provide rebuilt kits for those of you who are mechanically inclined and like rebuilding your own equipment.  

I will be glad to answer any questions you may have - 800-235-8090 or angelaw@keystoneparts.com

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Do you have a supply of water for emergencies?

Water is our most precious resource.  People go about their daily busy lives without a thought as to how much water they use.  Do you know how much water you consume a day?

What would you do in an emergency if you could not leave your home for even 2 weeks?  Your water supply and electricity is cut off - can you survive without water?

The experts say between 8-14 days is the maximum survival time for the human body to go without water.  Half of that time, you will be delirious and unable to make logical decisions.

A typical person uses 1 gallon of water per day for cooking and drinking - this does not include bathing or other bathroom activities.

A good start would be to keep 2 weeks of water per person in storage.  I found a good website that offers reasonable prices on stackable storage containers.  When you use the water for drinking, remember to boil the water first.  Visit www.myfoodstorage.com for these handy storage containers.

Boiling the water will require either fire or electricity so make sure you have that resource available too.  Some basic ideas on cooking resources:

Keep extra propane tanks for your gas grill
Keep an abundance of wood for the fireplace
Keep fuel for a camping stove

Start out small and store 2-4 weeks of essentials and then add to your stash gradually.  

Set a goal for 6 months so it is not such a burden mentally and financially.  The important factor is that you are moving in the right direction for preparing you and your family for protection in an emergency situation.

Angela Wagley
Prepared, not panicked


Monday, December 10, 2012

Need a packaging line evaluation?

How many times has a mechanic come to you and asked you to order a glue nozzle for a specific glue line?

Ok - you have 10 glue melters on 10 packaging lines.  Different parts are used on the glue melters.  Now, you have the challenge of figuring out which nozzle to order.  You know if you order the wrong nozzle, the product may not be sealed properly.  

We offer a free service of evaluating each line.  You will be able to refer to a .pdf document to find what parts are needed for each glue melter (filters, circuit boards, nozzles, applicator heads, modules, heaters, mac valves, hoses & lengths, etc).  We can definitely save you time and guarantee you order the correct parts.

Let us know if you would like a free evaluation.  Customers have raved about having this evaluation performed.  We know your time is valuable and why spend extra time looking for the correct glue nozzle to order!

Email me to set up a date and time:

Friday, December 7, 2012

Prepping for Catastrophe - What's your plan?


With the looming fiscal cliff, dismal employment rate numbers, high fuel prices, natural disasters including droughts that have wreaked havoc on our crops, many people these days are proactively taking steps to prepare for the worst and are ready to protect their families.

What are you doing to protect your family in case of a catastrophe?

Water is the most important resource for our survival.  There are reasonable priced water treatment systems available online and one website I recommend is www.mypatriotsupply.com.

Walmart also carries 5 gallon storage containers for water.

Food will be your second important resource.  You can find dried food with a 25 year shelf life at the same website above.   Again, you will need water to mix this food.

If you are on a well, there are options of manual pumps and/or solar power.  Fuel may be too hard to obtain so don't rely on that resource.

After you have a supply of water and food, you have to protect your stash.  Many people are leery of having firearms, but you will need them to protect your family and property.  People become very desperate when hungry.  

Visit www.gunsandammo.com for some ideas on what may be best for you and your family.  A large storage of ammunition will be important - ALWAYS use safe gun practices and keep away from children.  It is best to educate your children about any weapons you have in your possession.

The important aspect of all of this is to prepare and not panic.  Have a plan and discuss with your family.  Have a safe room for your family and make sure each family member is educated regarding your supplies and weaponry.  Remember, you may be hurt and are unable to use your weapons, so make sure you are not the only one trained to use your firearms.

Please post any comments, suggestions, and other legitimate website you recommend.

Have a great weekend!

Angela Wagley - Keystone Industries

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Nordson Melters

Why is Preventative Maintenance so important with glue melters?

You can compare it to several personal items in your life - maintenance on cars, yard maintenance, home maintenance.....

It takes a little effort to keep all those items maintained, but the pay off is having your assets last longer and enjoying them more in tip top condition.

Take your tires on your car...

You know that keeping the proper air pressure and balance with your tires extends the life of the tires.  Tires are expensive, so you perform easy preventative maintenance to make them last longer.

This is the same with a glue melter.
You can do minimum maintenance to extend the life of the melter.

  • Keep your melter clean inside and out.  
  • Purge regularly with a non corrosive solution.  We recommend Red Baron Cleaner.
  • Change the tank/pump filter and inline filters regularly to extend the life of the pump, applicator heads, modules and nozzles.
  • Check your operating temperatures frequently - can the glue tank operate a little lower than the hoses/heads? This will prevent as much char in the tank.  Check your adhesive recommendations.
  • Always make sure the melter is topped off with adhesive.  If staffing shortage hinders having those topped off, please consider an Auto Feeder.
  • Keep the lid closed to discourage contaminants in tank.
  • Keep the dry adhesive covered to discourage entrance of contaminants.
  • Verify hoses are not kinked or pinched.  If kinking is an issue, check into a different angled fitting at head or tank end to straighten the hose.
  • Use the stand by mode on melter to prevent idle cooking of adhesive.
Just a little extra effort all along can give you more good years of operation for your melter.
Please contact us if you need help. sales@keystoneparts.com

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Motorcycle Rides - Best Roads in USA

Got an itch to get out and ride this coming weekend?  Not sure where to go?
Check out this cool website:  www.motorcycleroads.com

You can click on your state and find the best rated roads for riding.  Wherever you end up this weekend, have a safe and fun trip!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Deer Hunting Tips - Improve your success rate

Tips for the Serious Deer Hunters

Serious about putting some tasty venison on the table for your family?  Try the tips below to improve your success rate.
Tip 1
Since the perfumes spooks deer, be sure to shower with a scent-free soap before every hunting trip, and try not to contaminate your hunting clothes on the way to the field. Wash hunting clothes in perfume free laundry detergent.  Use scent free deodorant.
Tip 2Use buck urine during the early season to take advantage of a buck’s territorial instincts. The scent a doe in season is confusing in early October, but buck scent will always peak curiosity.
Tip 3Soak a rag in estrous doe urine and drag to stand during rut.  Watch them come!
Tip 4
Carry an odor eliminator with you in the tree stand. After getting situated in stand, apply to your body, paying close attention to cap and hair.
Tip 5To discourage moisture in barrel during damp weather, apply a piece of electrical tape over the end of the barrel.  You simply shoot through the tape when it’s time to harvest that buck.
Tip 6One of the deadliest scent set-ups defies the accepted rule of playing the wind. Take a long strip of timber and cover with the wind blowing along the length of it (blowing from one end to the other). On the windy end, pour some Code Blue at several areas, then set up high in a tree stand just on the edge of the timber. If you’re set up high enough, your human odor should flow above the deer.
Tip 7In a low tree, practice setting up and taking down your tree stand before the season.  Know your stand.
Tip 8Check out your hunting area online by typing "aerial photos" in your search engine.
Tip 9
Avoid trimming shooting lanes and disturbing your hunting area during the season. Clear shooting lanes during the summer.
Tip 10
Make a mock scrape. Wearing surgical glove, take a stick and scuff the leaves off of an area about the size of a large dinner plate. Pour some deer droppings from Code Blue Real Scrape onto the area, then pour some Code Blue Doe Estrous over it.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Washdown Hoses for Nordson Glue Melters

Should you be using Washdown Hoses on your Nordson Melter?

Have you experienced erratic operation of your heated glue hoses?  Won’t get up to temperature?  Faults?  Won’t heat?
We may have your solution.  You may be using non-wash down type hoses in a wash down environment.  Are you using standard braided hoses with the rectangular clip electrical connector cordset?  Do you wash down your packaging lines frequently?  If so, you may need to go to a wash down style glue melter hose.
How is a wash down hose different, you ask?  Let me tell you.
This style hose has a rubber sheathing that keeps water out of the internal components of the hose.  On the ends of the hose, silicone is added to seal air gaps between the hose cuffs and sheathing that would allow water access.  The electrical connector is round and screws tight to your wash down applicator head to prevent water infiltration.  Now you may be asking, “What if I have standard applicator heads…..do I have to change those out to be able to use these wash down hoses?”  If, and only if, you do not wash down in the applicator glue head area, you can switch the cordset on the applicator head for a minimal amount of around $130.  If there is ANY possibility of water coming in contact with the applicator head, then you will need to purchase the wash down style head that has silicone around the plates.
If your company is a beverage, dairy,meat packing, fresh vegetable/fruit packing, liquid syrup, glass jar canning (such as pickled products), and detergent/cleaning products, you may need these types of hoses.
If you think you may be able to decrease your downtime by switching to wash down style hoses and applicator heads, please let us know.  We will guide you and help you with your conversion.